About Jamaica Area Mountain Bike Alliance

Who Are We

Our Mission

The Jamaica Area Mountain Bike Alliance seeks to create and steward a sustainable network of trails for human-powered use that supports community health, economic development and outdoor recreation opportunities based in Jamaica, Vermont and connecting our neighboring communities.

Our Story

Whether it’s on a dirt road, through the woods or along the rivers, the mountain biking potential in Jamaica, VT and surrounding zones is practically endless. In 2019 a small group of local enthusiasts started meeting to transfer individual knowledge, resources and skills into a cohesive organization dedicated to building a network of local trails and routes accessible to all mountain bikers.

Never has it been more apparent within and outside the mountain bike community that we need safe, extensive and respectful access to this beautiful land that awaits us just out our back doors.

Jamaica State Park (under the State of Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation) and Ball Mountain Lake (a US Army Corps of Engineers installation) offer extensive opportunities for mountain bike trails. JAMBA submitted a trail pre-proposal to the state in November 2019 and recently received approval to submit a full proposal. JAMBA met with Corps of Engineers staff in December 2019 and received the green light to study Ball Mountain Lake lands for potential trails as well.

The West River Trail, mostly following the route of the former West River Railroad, runs through Jamaica State Park and beside Ball Mountain Lake. JAMBA will work closely with the Friends of the West River Trail to create a complementary and continuous network of trails.

Please consider combining your resources with ours!

Establishing mutually beneficial relationships with private landowners is the third, and perhaps most delicate, chainring. Careless shifting may cause irreparable damage. Recent unfortunate events from well-known and widely-ridden trail systems both within and outside Vermont demonstrate that successful and long-lived mountain bike trails on private land are only possible when expectations are mutually understood and respected. And the respect must be universal.

Even once JAMBA achieves a sensational trail network we will measure our success more through our relationship with the land and our neighbors. And our success starts and ends with you. Join us. We’ve got work to do. And it’s time to ride.